Paint Protection Film or PPF as its more commonly referred to is a clear layer of thin plastic applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle to maintain and protect the finish underneath.

PPF has a range of advantages and options for your vehicle.

Produces an enhanced finish. While some PPF’s might improve the shine of your vehicle, Birklean can also supply and fit specialist Matte PPF – to instantly create a brilliant and customised exterior look and appeal.

Superior protection against chemicals and corrosion. Our Birklean PPF films are infused with four layers of material, each of them providing roadblocks for harmful contaminants or chemicals to penetrate. It also provides superior stain resistance from the likes of tar and bird etching as well as reduces paint damage due to stone chips and general wear and tear from environmental contaminants.

Instant healing of minor scratches.  Depending on your choice of film, the PPF we apply can have self-healing properties. This means, that minor scratches can be fixed by us or another detailer at a later date, simply by applying direct heat – or with a blowing heat gun. 

High temperature resistance. PPF's nano-tech helps to provide a heat shield, which blocks UV and IR radiation from penetrating to the vehicles surface materials. This unique feature keeps headlights from fading or fogging which maintains your on-road visibility.