Prices from £350.00

Our most popular service, consisting of a single/two stage machine polish (70-85% paint correction) that will remove light defects such as swirls, light to medium scratches and bring back a better than showroom finish.

What’s included:

  • Wheels are washed from front to back.
  • Snow foamed and cleansed including all panel gaps, door, boot and bonnet shuts   and badges, then rinsed.
  • The whole car is then washed using the two-bucket method and then rinsed.
  • Chemical decontamination removal using tar and fallout remover products.
  • Then clayed to remove all final contaminants making the bodywork perfectly smooth and glass like.
  • Every panel is checked and recorded with a paint depth gauge, to ascertain the level of paint makeup on the vehicle. All plastic, lights, badges, bright work, door handles, and shuts are masked off to ensure no damage is caused whilst polishing.
  • The car is then polished using a machine polisher and a combination of pads and compounds to remove the swirls and light scratches from the vehicle's paintwork, getting it up to 85% perfect.
  • The car's paintwork is treated to a complete ipa wipe down. This is to ensure that the panels are perfectly clean prior to any protective product used.
  • Wheel faces are ceramic coated up to 24-month protection.
  • Chrome components are polished and protected.
  • Glass sealant to all exterior windows up to 12-month protection.
  • Plastic trims to be dressed.
  • Interior lightly cleaned and the leather seats lightly cleaned to leave a fresh finish.
  • Exterior brightwork coated using Gyeon Q2 Can Coat EVO providing up to 12 months/12km protection. *Upgraded Ceramic coating options below.

 Job Duration: 4 to 6 Days


Five-year ceramic coating by Gyeon using Q2 Infinite base type 2 + £250

Three-year ceramic coating by Excel Exclusive ceramic coating + £150

  • Exclusive ceramic coating is the ultimate paint protection once applied it offers up to 3 years protection, even more with correct care. Its unique chemical makeup and application enables it to achieve a thick and even protective coating.
  • Exclusive ceramic coated surfaces gain a highly hydrophobic surface that results in an easy to clean, super hydrophobic, stain resistant and candy gloss like finish.

Wheels Off Detail and Protection + £250

Benefits: Repelling brake dust along with other road contamination and makes them much easier to clean

  • Safely remove wheels, deep clean including decontamination faces and barrels.
  • Clean callipers and arches.
  • Apply ceramic protection to wheels and callipers.
  • Reinstall wheels and torque bolts to factory spec.

Interior Detail and Protection + £175

  • Deep Vacuum cleaning and tight areas blown with compressed air.
  • Plastic trims cleaned with antibacterial cleaners and our special methods.
  • Leathers are deep cleaned with multiple tools and safe water-based cleaners.
  • Leather protection applied (18-month protection).
  • Vehicle mats wet vacuumed +£35.
  • 7-seater vehicles +£35.

Engine Bay Detail + £50

  • Safe all-purpose cleaner used to agitate built up grime.
  • Rinsed safely avoiding any electrical components.
  • High grade protection leaving an OEM finish with lots of protection.

Glass Sealant Extra Layer + £50

Wheel Refurbishment + £POA

  • Diamond Cut.
  • Powder Coat Various Colours.
  • Buckle and crack repairs.


  • Dash Cams From £300 Supply and fit.
  • Ghost Immobilisers £450 supply and fit.
  • Insurance approved trackers £POA.