Prices from £750.00
A new car is not as always in the best condition as you would think it should be. It is quite common now that new vehicles when delivered suffer from light marks and scratches due to factory washes and PDI. However, once we prepare the vehicle and carry out a machine polish with protection, apply ceramic coatings on all surfaces the vehicle will look far better than you can imagine and will help the upkeep of it for many years to come.


 What’s Included:

  • Full safe wash including multiple stage decontamination. 
  • Rinsed with filtered water (eliminating any hard water spotting from drips).
  • Blow dried to remove any trapped water.
  • Single stage machine polish to cleanse paint work, remove light defects from the decontamination stage and pre delivery inspection.
  • Vehicle is wiped down with a panel prep spray removing any polish residue and oils left behind. 
  • Wheel faces are ceramic coated to provide up to 24-month protection.
  • Glass sealant applied to all windows to provide up to 12 months protection. 
  • Interior lightly cleaned and Leather/Alcantara/Fabric protection applied up to 18 months protection.
  • Exclusive ceramic coating is the ultimate paint protection once applied it offers up to 3 years protection, even more with correct care. Its unique chemical makeup and application enables it to achieve a thick and even protective coating

Paintwork ceramic coated using Excel Exclusiveceramic coating.



Five-year ceramic coating by Gyeon using Q2 Infinite base type 2 + £250

Wheels Off Detail and Protection + £150

Benefits: Repelling brake dust along with other road contamination and makes them much easier to clean

  • Safely remove wheels, deep clean including decontamination faces and barrels.
  • Clean callipers and arches.
  • Apply ceramic protection to wheels and callipers.
  • Reinstall wheels and torque bolts to factory spec.

Engine Bay Detail + £50

  • Safe all-purpose cleaner used to agitate built up grime.
  • Rinsed safely avoiding any electrical components.
  • High grade protection leaving an OEM finish with lots of protection.

Glass Sealant Extra Layer + £50

Paint Protection Film (PPF) Front End Pack + £1500

BODYFENCE X is a transparent adhesive-coated film, which is self-healing at ambient temperature and specially developed for protecting car bodywork. Its excellent shock-absorbing properties protect your bodywork against chips caused by stones, insects, car doors, washing brushes, etc. Glossy surface finish.

  •         Laser template cut application.
  •         Coverage: Front Bumper, Bonnet, Headlights, Wings, A Pillars and Mirrors



  • Dash Cams From £300 Supply and fit.
  • Ghost Immobilisers £450 supply and fit.
  • Insurance approved trackers £POA.