Prices from £60.00

This service is designed for those who wish to maintain the appearance and protection of the

car that has previously been detailed, a regular maintenance detail will help prolong your paint work protection. This also applies to vehicles that have not been detailed and we still take the same level of care.

Step by Step:

  • Wheel faces, behind spokes and barrels cleaned with ph neutral wheel cleaners and various tools.
  •  Wheel arches flushed along with door shuts.
  • Thorough wash process with ph neutral foams/shampoos using two buckets and new wash Mitt.
  • Gyeon Quartz WetCoat Applied adding up to 3 month protection to all surfaces. Works well with previously ceramic coated cars.
  • Dried with only the best microfiber towels and blow dried to remove and loose/trapped water to reduce water drips.
  •  Exhausts tips polished if required.
  •  Interior and exterior glass cleaned.
  •  Interior vacuumed and plastics wiped down.
  • Visible litter removed.
  • Complementary Hanging Air Freshner Installed

Filtered water is used throughout the wash process so that no watermarks are left behind and leaving a flawless finish.

Prices start from £60, please call for a custom quote.